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The ShopSite AVS add-on provides street-level address verification for ShopSite Pro. It also improves the user input validation by applying stricter checks to input values provided by customers.

Click on the links below to get a better idea of the different improvements and fixes implemented by the ShopSite AVS addon:

For live example of the ShopSite AVS add-on being used click here

Street level address verification through the UPS API

In many cases users misspell the address location or just don't remember the full address or just don't know whether the address is st. (street) or dr. (drive). This is when this address validation plugin comes handy. The user-supplied shipping address is checked against the UPS street address database and if the address is not recognized as a valid one, user will be shown a list of valid addresses similar to the one that he has entered. Then the user can either replace the entered address with one from the list or use the entered address or continue using the originally supplied address.

Automatically sets country to Canada if a Canadian ZIP (Postal Code) is used

In some cases users order a product with a Canadian shipping address, but forget to set the country to Canada. This add-on will set automatically the country to Canada if user has specified a Canadian ZIP (Postal Code).

Makes sure that shipping to Canada uses the correct shipping method

All orders that ship to Canada are forced to use a shipping method that has "Canada" in its name.

P.O. box delivery is allowed only to Alaska and Hawaii

Orders are not allowed to have a P.O. box address for delivery addresses outside of Alaska or Hawaii.

Phone fields are required to have at least 10 characters

An additional check is applied to phone numbers - they are required to have at least 10 character.

Correct tax calculation for ZIP codes with dashes

ShopSite 11 has a problem calculating taxes when the shipping ZIP code contains a dash. Our add-on fixes that problem.

Warns when shipping price is set incorrectly to $999.99

When products become too heavy to ship, ShopSite will default to a shipping price of $999.99 without any warning. Our add-on adds a user configurable warning message that is displayed to the user when such a problem happens

System requirements for the ShopSite address verification module:

  • ShopSite Pro version 11 or newer
  • PHP 5.0 or newer (most web hosts already have it installed)
  • PHP DOM extension (most web hosts already have it installed)

Additional information:

  • This is a one-time fee and not a monthly recurring charge
  • Advanced Website Creator provides free support for the initial installation of the ShopSite AVS module
  • Our usual 30-day full money-back guarantee applies